Truck Topper Roof Rack, Vantech H1 Truck Topper Racks


Century Truck Cap Roof Rack, Diy Truck Cap Roof Rack, Diy Truck Topper Roof Rack, Fiberglass Truck Cap Roof Rack, Leer Truck Cap Roof Rack, Raider Truck Cap Roof Rack, Tacoma Truck Cap Roof Rack, Thule Truck Cap Roof RackTruck Topper Roof Rack – Transporting big items if your truck has a camper covering can be harsh, however by using among our Vantech H1 truck topper racks it will truly smooth things out. You could select from steel or aluminum construction. The reward of a steel building truck mattress topper shelf is that it is much more tough while the aluminum offers an extra lightweight alternative and is resistant to corrosion as well as corrosion. Attach the ladder rack to the top of your truck topper and transport away!

Vantech developed this camper shell ladder rack to stand up to monstrous 600 pounds. Enhance your trucks’ currently fantastic appearance by selecting either a black or white ended up vehicle ladder shelf. Multiple devices are offered to haul even more things to the task comfortably.

Mounting is straightforward and also will include instructions that are simple to check out and also adhere to along. This pick-up camper shell shelf does require some drilling but is well worth the small adjustments. Obtain your Vantech H1 truck topper ladder rack today and start on that brand-new house project!

Truck Topper Roof Rack

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